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豆瓣评分:8.7 /

A serial killer is stalking young women and skinning them alive. To track down the killer, a female FBI agent must befriend another serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, known as Hannibal the Cannibal for eating his victims (with fava beans and nice Chianti).


Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins give the performances of their careers in this Best Picture Oscar winner. And Hannibal's mask has become a classic Halloween costume for adults.




Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as paranormal investigators who head to London to help a family whose house is taken over by an evil entity. Then the youngest daughter shows signs that she is possessed by a malicious demon. Is it an elaborate hoax designed to get media attention, or are dark forces at play?



豆瓣评分:7.9 /

Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes star as newlyweds who move into an iconic New York apartment building, and find their new neighbors are a tad too curious. When she becomes pregnant, she has dreams that convince her the neighbors are more than just nosey. Could something evil be happening to the baby she's carrying?



豆瓣评分:7.1 /

A London man wakes up from a coma four weeks after a dangerous virus has swept Great Britain, turning people into rage-filled zombies. For a few uninfected survivors, the only hope is escaping London to find refuge in the country. But getting out of town is anything but easy. Director Danny Boyle keeps the pace lightning-fast. If you like this, check out the gripping 2007 sequel, "28 Weeks Later."



豆瓣评分:7.7 /

A bullied Swedish boy falls in love with a new neighbor, a strange girl who happens to be a vampire with a serial killer for a dad. Upon learning these secrets, the boy must choose between his heart and his head, while figuring out how to deal with his schoolyard tormenters. The movie inspired an equally good 2010 American remake, "Let Me In."



豆瓣评分:8.0 /

Numerous Stephen King stories have been turned into movies, but one of the best is Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of "The Shining." Jack Nicholson is fantastic as a frustrated writer who brings his family to a mountain hotel, where they'll serve as caretakers over the winter. But the hotel has a dark history, and the psychic son starts to see ghostly things. The finale, featuring a snowy garden maze and an ax, is movie history.




Neve Campbell stars as a high school girl coping with her mother's murder, while a masked murderer stalks her classmates and ultimately her. The opening sequence, featuring a great cameo by Drew Barrymore, sets a high bar for the rest of the film, which delivers plenty of surprises. And the "Scream" mask has become a classic Halloween costume.



豆瓣评分:8.8 /

This Alfred Hitchcock thriller shocked audiences when it first came out, and remains frightening to this day. Janet Leigh is a secretary on the run after embezzling money. When she pulls into a lonely roadside motel, she meets a soft-spoken clerk, played by Anthony Perkins, who has plenty of mommy issues. The shower scene is infamous, and the famous shot of blood circling the drain is so vivid you may convince yourself you're seeing red, even though the movie is shot in black and white.



豆瓣评分:7.2 /

George A. Romero is the master of the zombie genre, and this sequel to "Night of the Living Dead" imagines what happens when survivors of the zombie apocalypse hole-up in a suburban shopping mall. They've got plenty of food and all the amenities needed to survive, until a gang of bikers invades the mall, bringing with them hundreds of flesh-eaters.



豆瓣评分:8.0 /

Nicole Kidman is a war widow who lives in a large, empty house with two children who are sensitive to light, so the drapes must be drawn at all times to protect them. But strange things lurk in the house's dark shadows: whispered voices are heard coming from empty rooms; there are loud crashing noises of unknown origin; and the daughter claims she's seen a ghostly apparition.



豆瓣评分:7.4 /

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard pay tribute to Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" series with this sharp tale of college students heading to a secluded cabin in the woods for a weekend of drinking and randy behavior. When they discover a basement filled with dusty relics and a book of magic spells, they accidentally awaken a group of zombies. But there's something else going on as the bodies begin to pile up. Is someone pulling strings to control wha's happening and prevent the their escape?



豆瓣评分:7.8 /

Here's one of those rare sequels that surpasses the original. James Whale directs Boris Karloff, who returns from 1931's "Frankenstein" as the Monster. Elsa Lanchester does delicious double duty as novelist Mary Shelley, who sets up the story, and as the Monster's reanimated Bride. Her reaction upon first seeing the Monster is one of the great moments in movie history.



豆瓣评分:7.9 /

Deborah Kerr stars as a governess caring for two orphans in a Victorian manor house filled with ghostly apparitions in this adaptation of Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw." As she learns more about what the grim fate of the children's previous governess and another servant, strange things start happening around the mansion. It makes her question her sanity and the safety of the children's souls. This is one to watch with the lights out.



豆瓣评分:7.6 /

There have been numerous depictions of Count Dracula screen, including some delicious spoofs. But there's nothing that compares to Bela Lugosi's portrayal of the world's most-famous vampire, complete with a black cape, slicked-back hair and menacing allure. It's anything but scary by today's standards, but the atmosphere and look make it a Halloween essential.



豆瓣评分:8.2 /

Don't let the title fool you. Tim Burton's stop-motion animated classic is a Halloween movie through and through. Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town, is bored with the annual night of ghosts and goblins, so he looks to take over another holiday – with frightening results. Danny Elfman's score is brilliant, and the story will please children and adults alike. It's the perfect way to launch Halloween season.

别被标题骗了,蒂姆·伯顿拍这部逐帧动画经典之作,是彻头彻尾的万圣节主题作品。万圣节镇的国王Jack Skelington对每年换汤不换药的鬼魂和小妖怪厌倦了,因此他希望过上一个绝对恐怖的节日。丹尼·艾夫曼为电影所做的配乐棒极了,故事也绝对是老少咸宜。本片是揭开万圣节大幕的绝好素材。


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